How to create a multi-language form in the Google Forms™

Google Forms presently does not support adding a single question in multiple languages. Users would have to create separate forms for each language. If you update any existing question or add a new question, users would need to update that question to all the forms. Users would need to remember all the different language forms or link them manually to avoid any missing updates to the forms.

Pretty Forms Designer Add-on can create a single form that supports multiple languages, which means if you add a new question to your form will reflect on the other language forms too. 

Pretty Forms Designer not only provides you the multi-language capability but also offers the Google Translate option to translate your question written in your first language to another/selected language. This add-on also provides a multi-language dropdown so that the users, who are fill-out the form, have the option to select their native/preferred language.

These features allow you to create multi-language Google Forms & also you can create a multi-language survey on Google Forms.

If you haven't installed the Pretty Forms Designer Add-on, please install it from the below button.

To show, how it works, we created a Google Form and then open the Pretty Forms Designer add-on from the Google Forms add-on menu. Then click the "Open Form Designer" menu item. And then Setup Form Designer, for this form we are using default selected setup configurations. After setup is done, this will open the Form Designer.

To start adding additional languages, click on the Settings icon button & then enable Multi-language options for the form. This will allow us to add additional languages. Here, to demonstrate, we are using English as the default language and Spanish, and French as the additional languages. You can choose any language from the list of languages. You also have the option to allow translation to additional languages, this will enable the Google Translate option to quickly translate your Google Form questions into another language.

Once your all form's content & designing part is finalized, you can add your form's content in other languages. To add other language content, select a language from the language dropdown, it will show the complete form in the selected language, you just need to add content or questions in the selected language. Not only you can add multi-language content for the Questions, their Options, or the Form Header, but you can also change the text of buttons like the Next button, Back button, and Submit button in the selected language.

While editing the form you also have the option to Show default language content, this would enable you to see the question in the default language too, this is very useful when adding new content & remembering what was written in the default language.

Once the additional languages' content has been added, please click the "Save" button to save this form. You can check in the form preview, you would now have a multi-language form. Users can fill out this form in their preferred language.

We hope you find this article helpful. Please feel free to contact us if you need any further information.