Table & Button UI Controls

Create & Insert UI Controls like Tables, Buttons in Gmail™ Draft in a single click.

Interactive user interface, No coding required

Table & Button UI Controls Add-on provides a user interface to create & manage UI Controls like Tables and Buttons within Gmail. Users can insert tables, and buttons within Gmail Draft in a single click. Users can create a new one or choose a button or table from preloaded Templates from the Template list. Add-on provides a predefined template list having a variety of tables like Table with Header, Table having alternate rows colors, and a variety of buttons like Rounded Corners Button, Square Corners Button, Ghost Button, and many more. Users can choose a template and only need to change UI configurations to start using Button / Table.

Once the Button / Table is created, its UI configurations are stored in the user's Drive. Users can easily access that config file in the Drive and can modify UI options using Drive Add-on.

Features of Table & Button UI Controls

Easy to Use

We believe that addon should be easy to use. You can create / insert UI Control in just few clicks.

No Coding Required

You do not need to use coding to create tables & buttons. Only set UI options like number of rows & columns to add and colors etc.

Compose a Draft with Table / Button

You can create an email draft having Table or Button in a single click.

Insert UI Controls in Gmail Draft

Table or Button can be added or inserted in the currently opened draft.

UI Controls Saved in User's Drive Folder

All Table or Button's UI Configurations saved in the user's Drive folder.

Predefined Templates Supported

Addon gives you many kinds of buttons and tables so that user do not need to create them from scratch.

If someone having questions like

 How to insert a Button in Gmail Draft ?

 How to insert a Table in Gmail Draft ? 

& so on... 

There is one stop solution available here is to install and use this Add-on.