How to insert Multiple Formulas, Equations, Math Expressions, or Symbols in Google Forms™

Google Forms™ is a great application to create quizzes. But it doesn't offer to insert equations or symbols in the questions. Like Google's other applications Google Sheets, Google Docs, and Google Slides provide this feature to insert equations in their content.

Now, the main question is how to insert your equations or formulas in the questions of your Google Form. The simplest answer is to add your equations into your form using the Pretty Forms Designer, which is a Google Forms Add-on. Pretty Forms Designer provides you with an interface to write your equations, and math symbols in the questions, options, or at other places of your form.

If you find, there are many solutions or add-ons which are also providing adding equations feature, if you use them you will find some limitations, you can only insert one equation in a question or a choices question option, and they do not offer you to add multiple equations in a single question content, for example: Question is: text [equation] text [equation] text.

Pretty Forms Designer is the only solution that can offer you to insert multiple equations into your question content. 

You can write math or science symbols in Google Forms very easily as similar as you are writing text content.

Let us look at how to use our Equation Editor to make your quizzes as you want. To demonstrate, we will try to insert a few equations/expressions in the questions of maths, physics, & chemistry subjects.

If you haven't installed the Pretty Forms Designer Add-on, please install it from the below button.

Let's create a new Google Form with questions, then Open the Pretty Forms Designer add-on from the Google Forms add-on menu. Then click the Open Form Designer menu item. And then Setup Form Designer, for this form we are using default selected setup configurations. After setup is done, this will open the Form Designer.

To start adding equations, click on the Settings button & then enable writing equations & formulas for the form.

To show how it works, we have created three questions, one from each math, physics, & chemistry subject. By default, the Form Designer will show the question content you have written in the Google Form. You can change the question content here, and replace plain text typed equation with the proper mathematical equation.

Click the question content where you want to change or insert a new equation. Then click the "New Equation" button. This will insert an equation with the default formula: f(x),  click on this formula & change it from your equation. You can edit the equation using the Equation Editor

Or you can simply type & can use commands like type int for the integration function, can type pi for the π symbol, can use / to put a fraction. Using this method you can write fractions, powers, math symbols, notation & many more in Google Forms.

Here, we have changed the content of all three questions to make it the proper expressible quiz. You can see, the default Google Forms quiz on the left-hand side, & the modified quiz using the Pretty Forms Designer on the right-hand side.

Please click the "Save" button to save this form, and check the preview of the currently saved form.

We hope you find this article helpful. Please feel free to contact us if you need any further information.