Get Powerful Add-ons that Extend beyond the Apps

ADD eXTensions to your apps world to make Life Easier

AddXT delivers extensions, add-ons, & plugins that work with the other applications or software to extend them, and that would make your existing applications more powerful. 

We believe the solutions must be easy to use to solve complex problems. We try to deliver extensions in such a way that would replace your complicated, time taking & coding required tasks with solutions having the capability of solving the problems & complete your task without the need for coding skills in a matter of minutes. 

Our Extensions or Add-ons

Easy Chart Maker

Easy Chart Maker is the one-stop solution to creating online charts instantly. You do not need to learn coding. With a basic knowledge of types of charts & chart options, you can easily create charts in just a few clicks. You can not only create new charts, but you can also use those charts within the host application or the opened document.

With Easy Chart Maker Addon, you can do much more actions like you can compose a new draft having a chart image in Gmail, you can save a chart as an image in your Drive, can create a document with a chart image, can insert a created chart in the current opened sheet, you can insert a created chart in your opened document, you can insert a created chart in currently opened slide, and so on. 

Pretty Forms Designer

Pretty Forms Designer provides the user interface to change the look & feel of your existing Google Forms™. You can make your existing forms more interactive, beautiful & more powerful within Google Forms™ Interface in just very few clicks. 

The Pretty Forms Designer add-on is capable of creating multi-language forms with custom user interfaces & designs. You can easily customize Google Forms layout by using the custom UI controls provided by the Pretty Forms Designer's WYSIWYG Form Editor.

Table & Button UI Controls

Table & Button UI Controls add-on provides the user interface to create & manage UI Controls like Tables and Buttons within Gmail. Users can insert tables, and buttons within Gmail Draft in a single click. Users can create a new one or choose a button or table from preloaded Templates from the Template list.